Chemistry 111/112 Laboratory Modules Project

Our project is a collection of interactive multimedia laboratory training modules incorporating a variety of media such as text, sound, video, photographs, animations and interactive questions guiding the student through an array of laboratory techniques and subject issues.

The intention of this project is to utilize computer assisted learning on alternate weeks whereby freeing space in the lab for increased enrollment and reducing the time required for students to perform the laboratory whilst not impairing the development of laboratory manual dexterity.

With the existing undergraduate computer laboratory, this project provides an alternative, direct learning environment which can be accessed from within the department, or from home by the way of high-speed modems and an internet connection. The implementation of this computer based laboratory preparation component in a first year chemistry course will introduce students to multimedia resources early in their university education, and encourage the use of computer based communication and education methods throughout their university experience.

The laboratory training modules are being developed using Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook. Funding for the project is being provided by the University of British Columbia Innovation Fund.

The people who have been involved in the project ........

Dr. F. G. Herring ( Chemistry ), project coordinator
Jason Gozjolko ( Computer Science ), computer support and programmer
Noreen Beckie ( Chemistry ), content coordinator and designer
Gloria Lau ( Chemistry ), content designer and programmer
Karen Cheng ( Chemistry ), content designer and programmer
Rez Nasiry ( Chemistry ), content designer and programmer

Go here to download the modules.