Research Group: Graduate Students:

Frank Tsai, M.Sc. 1995
Robert Chapman, Ph.D. 1997currently a Research Scientist with the NRC in PEI
Naveen Chopra, Ph.D. 1997currently a Research Scientist at Xerox Canada
Douglas Pope, M.Sc. 1997currently a high school teacher in Vancouver
Adam Mezo, Ph.D. 1999currently a Research Scientist at Syntonix, Boston
Susan Gui, M.Sc. 2000currently a Research Scientist at Inflazyme, Vancouver
Samuel Place, M.Sc. 2001currently a Research Scientist in Edmonton
Ashley Causton, Ph.D. 2001Instructor at University of Calgary
Christoph Naumann, Ph.D. 2001Research in Germany
Ayub Jasat
Darren Makeiff, Ph.D. 2003 Research Associate at NINT, Alberta
Diana Wallhorn
Rajesh Mungaroo, Ph.D. 2003 Industry in Mauritius
Heidi Huttunen, Ph.D. 2006Assistant Professor at Thompson Rivers University
Emily Seo, Ph.D. 2006Postdoc at University of Edinburgh
Jianyu Sun, MSc 2003
Mehran Nikan Ph.D. candidate
Alfredo Franco Student at Laurentian University
Jon Freeman Ph.D. candidate
Grant BarePh.D. candidate

Janet Fraser1992-94currently working at Micrologix Biotech Inc., Vancouver
Bruce Gibb1993-95currently an Assistant Professor at U. New Orleans
K. Vishnumurthy1998-99 currently a postdoc with J. Scheffer, UBC

Adam Mezo won the departmental Biomega award in 1998, held an NSERC Fellowship from 1995-97, and won a CSC prize for best oral presentation in the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Division at the 1998 CSC Conference in Whistler. Frank C. S. Tsai held an NSERC Graduate Fellowship from 1992-94. Janet R. Fraser held an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship 1993) via the Bilateral Exchange program with the UK. A potential postdoctorate, Jun Li, won a UBC Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship (1994), but declined. Robert Chapman held an NSERC Graduate Fellowship, a University Graduate Fellowship, and received the Biomega Award for Best Ph.D. Dissertation in Organic chemistry in Canada in 1998.

BBQ at Sherman'sBob and Nav playing catch
Frank Tsai working at the Fume HoodBruce Gibb, Ashley Causton, and Janet Fraser in Disneyland
Bob Chapman and John Sherman in BlackcombTipsy Shermanator at a Volcano Conference

Janet, Nav, Ashley, Bob & Bruce
RoadTrip to LA - Cram's 75th Birthday Symposium followed by the ACS

Adam and Doug giving the thumbs up
John and SusanEmily and Heidi at the Gallery

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