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Rules of the Wang Group (WOLFgang)

The WOLFgang’s “21 Rules of Engagement”

April 2006 

(01)      Rule No. 1: If you do not know something, ask around for help. Do not act before you know how to do it correctly. This will save you from troubles.

(02)      Dr. Wang expects that you have at least 40 hours per week workload. Please work diligently for your own benefit and future.

(03)      Please attend as many seminars as possible so that you can deepen and broaden your appreciation about chemistry and science at large.

(04)      To prevent any possible loss of items from thieves, please lock the door of the labs if you cannot directly see the doorway.

(05)      Please do not photocopy copyrighted materials and respect the authors’ intellectual property rights. If you need such materials, buy them for yourselves.

(06)      Generally, it is discouraged to bring lab books home. Please read the books in the lab during regular working hours. Please use the lab books with great care so that they will have a longer lifetime to serve the group. Please do not scratch or write on the lab books.

(07)      If you find some good books related to our research, please suggest them to Dr. Wang for group purchases.

(08)      Please recycle all recyclable materials, including papers, bottles, cans, etc. You can use the back pages as scratch papers.

(09)      Some ordinary stationery items are available from the main business office.

(10)      If you need to buy something for your research from the UBC Bookstore with group research funds, please acquire Dr. Wang’s permission in advance. After the purchase is done, please show the items and the receipt to Dr. Wang for record keeping.

(11)      If you are the first person in the lab, you may make the coffee for the group. If you are the last person to leave, please clean the coffee maker, if necessary.

(12)      Coffee is 25 per regular-sized cup, and ice tea is 10 per regular-sized cup. If you have a smaller cup, you may pay less; otherwise, please pay more. Profit, if any, will be used towards future coffee purchases.

(13)      Please clean your desk, book shelf, terminal, keyboard, and computer at least once every month, to keep our working space neat, tidy, and friendly.

(14)      Most journals are online now. Please check first with the online UBC EJournals source (http://toby.library.ubc.ca/ejournals/ejournals.cfm), before going to the library to photocopy any papers.

(15)      Please periodically sort research papers into folders and file them into the cabinets. Any valuable papers related to your research should be typed into your personal reference database for later manuscript writing. Fostering a good habit of doing research has the same importance as conducting research itself.

(16)      Please carefully record what you have done during your research, so that you will not miss a thing when time goes by and your memory does not win over time.

(17)      Please do not make private arrangement of science-related meetings with other research groups, either on or outside UBC campus. All meetings will be arranged with Dr. Wang’s knowledge and consent.

(18)      Please do not make prior arrangements of authorship of your research work before it is done. The proper authorship will be discussed and finalized after all the information is provided to Dr. Wang, who will handle this issue with fairness and honesty.

(19)      Dr. Wang assigns research projects to every member of the group. It is not your job to participate in other members’ research unless you do have Dr. Wang’s authorization.

(20)      It is better not to broadcast what you are doing for research, unless it is required.

(21)      Enjoy your stay in Wang’s Research Group and speak English whenever possible.

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