Past Members

Janet Ochola
Dr. Janet Ochola
Lecturer at University of British Columbia
Elise Caron
Dr. Elise Caron
Dr. Pavan Kumar Vanama
Dr. Pavan Kumar Vanama
Jeff Therrien
Dr. Jeff Therrien
Lecturer at Thompson Rivers University
Yang Cao
Dr. Yang Cao
P.D.F. at University of British Columbia
Peter Christensen
Dr. Peter Christensen
P.D.F. at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Renee Man
Dr. Renee Man
Ph.D., 2009-2015
P.D.F. at Nagoya University
Ashlee Howarth
Dr. Ashlee Howarth
Ph.D., 2009-2014
P.D.F. at Northwestern University
Lyndsey Earl
Dr. Lyndsey Earl
Ph.D., 2008-2014
P.D.F. at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Marek Majewski
Dr. Marek Majewski
Ph.D., 2007-2013
P.D.F. at Northwestern University
Glen Bremner
Dr. Glen Bremner
Ph.D., 2006-2013
Electrochemistry Team Lead SWITCH Materials Inc. (Burnaby BC)
Gomathi Anandhanatarajan
Dr. Gomathi Anandhanatarajan
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2010-2013
Asst. Professor, Mahindra Ecole Centrale (Hyderabad)
Stephanie Moore
Dr. Stephanie Moore
Ph.D., 2006-2012
P.D.F. at University of Calgary
Angela Kuchison
Dr. Angela Kuchison
Ph.D., 2005-2011
Instructor at University of Prince Edward Island
Matthew Roberts
Dr. Matthew Roberts
Ph.D., 2005-2011
Research Scientist at SWITCH Materials Inc. (Burnaby BC)
Tamara Kunz
Dr. Tamara Freeman
Ph.D., 2004-2009
Instructor at UBC Okanagan
Timothy Kelly
Dr. Timothy Kelly
Ph.D., 2005-2009
Asst. Professor and CRC Chair at University of Saskatchewan
Agostino Pietrangelo
Dr. Agostino Pietrangelo
Ph.D., 2003-2008
Asst. Professor, Rutgers University (Newark)
Bryan Sih
Dr. Bryan Sih
Ph.D., 2002-2007
Sialco Materials Ltd.
Carolyn Moorlag
Dr. Carolyn Moorlag
Ph.D., 2001-2006
Research Scientist and Project Leader, Xerox Research Center of Canada
Timothy Gorjanc
Dr. Timothy Gorjanc
P.D.F., 2005
Team Lead, Sensor Development at XSensor Technology Corporation (Calgary, AB)
Tracey Stott
Dr. Tracey Stott
Ph.D., 2000-2005
Lawyer, Norton Rose Fulbright (Toronto, ON)
Emily Chung
Dr. Emily Chung
Ph.D., 1999-2004
Science and Technology Journalist, (Toronto, ON)
Lisa Thorne
Lisa Thorne
M.Sc., 2002-2004
Lawyer, Patent and Trademark Agent, Smart Á Biggar (Vancouver, BC)

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