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Instructions to Presenters


Each room will be equipped with a PC computer and Microsoft Powerpoint. Using this computer will facilitate smooth transitions between the talks. Please submit your presentation on a USB key to Dr. Kerim Samedov who will be stationed at the registration desk at all coffee breaks and lunches. You may also email your presentation to Dr. Samedov (, however, please also bring it on a USB key. It is preferable that all files are received one day prior to your presentation. All files will be treated as confidential material and the files will be permanently erased after the conference.
Please use the following filename: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.ppt
Presenters are free to use their own computer should they wish. They must test that their computer will connect properly to the projector in the break prior to their session and must supply any necessary connection adapters (e.g. Apple connectors).
Please keep to your allotted time:
Plenary – 60 min total (roughly 50 min talk + 10 min questions) Keynote – 40 min total (roughly 33 min talk + 7 min questions) Invited – 30 min total (roughly 25 min talk + 5 min questions) Oral – 20 min total (roughly 16 min talk + 4 min questions)


The maximum size of a poster is 4' high by 3' wide. Poster sessions will take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Posters 1-40 will be presented on Monday and 41-79 will be presented on Tuesday. Posters can be displayed anytime after the poster boards are placed in the atrium. This will occur after the lunch break on Monday and Tuesday.