Surplus equipment - enquire for details

Perkin Elmer Sciex Elan 6000 ICPMS

We have two prototype Elan-6000 ICP-MS available for an ambitious repairperson or for parts. Computer systems/software included. Full (company technician level) service manuals and schematics available with instrument. Unit 1 served the teaching labs for many years; withdrawn from service due to problem with RF load coil arcing. Unit 2 includes a collision cell and served a UBC research group infrequently. Computer of unit 2 has unknown password! Ask about spare Leybold turbo molecular pump.

BAS Controlled Growth Mercury Electrodes

We have two of these available. Can operate in dropping Hg or static Hg mode. One needs new capillary. Have not been used for teaching since acquired from research lab; untested.

Metrohm 663 VA Stand

We have two of these classic electrochemical stations available. They are paired to equally classic PAR (Princeton Applied Research) 163 potentiostats. VA stand can operate in dropping mercury electrode (DME) or static mercury electrode (SDME) mode. User manuals and spare parts available. If interested, a basic LabView vi (program) can be supplied for computerized data acquisition (but we also have chart recorders if you want).

Beckmann LSC-9000 Liquid Scintillation Counter

We have two of these scintillation counters available, both in working condition. Unit 1 was taken out of service in 2010 as has been the backup to our more modern instrument since then. Unit 2 suffers from a sticky elevator for raising/lowering the sample vials and comes with a custom replacement. One computerized-data acquisition setup is available. User manuals available. Some spare parts available.